Why Do Condoms Have Flavours?

The art of lovemaking has seen a huge transformation over the years. Condoms, being a major part of lovemaking these days, have gone through many developments. Manforce Non-latex Condom is an excellent example of such improvements. As a part of the development, many companies came up with non-latex condoms with various flavours to adorn the market. The prime reason to introduce flavoured condom was to make sure that you have a delightful and memorable lovemaking. However, there are several other reasons, which are somewhat equally responsible for condom manufacturing companies to come up with the idea of flavoured condoms. Let’s have a look at them.

• To keep you safe from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD): Do you know that you can get STDs through oral sex? STDs are easily transmitted during oral sex and that’s why it is always advisable to keep a condom on while doing oral sex. So, condom manufacturing companies came up with the idea of flavoured condoms to make oral sex pleasurable for adults, without being bothered about any STD.
• To give you a vibrant sexual experience: In a continuous effort to make your lovemaking experience an everlasting one, condom companies have introduced flavoured condoms with colours that go with the flavour. The colour of the condom makes the environment vibrant and even more sensual.
• To make your oral sex experience better: Have you ever tasted a regular condom? It tastes awful, right? So, to make this experience better, condom companies have come up with flavoured condoms specially designed for oral sex. These condoms are mostly preferred for oral sex, as they are not considered suitable for intercourse.

The advent of flavoured condoms has brought in a lot of fun activities into your sex life. Next time, you plan to have some fun with your partner, go for flavoured condoms. Among various others, Manforce flavoured condom has a wide range of variety to choose from such as strawberry, coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, butterscotch, orange, etc. Remember, a flavoured condom is quite safe and can heat up the moment to give you an eternal experience.

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