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Love can take an unfortunate turn if you’re careless. Indulge in ‘safe’ sex and #ShutThePhoneUp.


Understand your sexual energy and learn about the sexual prowess you never thought you had. Explore your sexual boundaries with your partner.

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Find out ways to balance your work life with your sex life.

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Tired of the same ol’ Missionary position? Want to spice things up in the bedroom?
Discover the best positions that every couple should try at least once.

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Take the time to figure out your partner. Let us guide you in becoming the perfect partner.

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Manforce Condoms is a premium quality condom brand, which is manufactured under the guidelines of ISO certification. Being the largest selling condom brand in the country, we are very well acquainted with the power of LOVE, along with its effects and SIDE EFFECTS! So, in our own way, we appeal to all the enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex, always. And to make your sexual experience more scintillating, we offer 7 arousing variants for your pleasure, out of which 6 are temptingly delicious flavored condoms, i.e Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, amongst other equally exciting flavours. Manforce Condoms are available in thrilling varieties such as smooth, ultra thin, dotted, ribbed and contoured. Also for our long race runners, we offer Manforce More Time, which contains Benzocaine Cream for prolonged time and pleasure!


Mankind Pharma, amongst the top 5 Pharmaceutical companies in India, is heading towards a turnover of Rs. 3500 crores. It operates in 11 overseas destinations across Asia, Africa, South-East Asia and Gulf countries. The brand objective is to aid the community in leading a healthy life through two parallel objectives: formulating, developing and commercializing medicines and delivering affordable and accessible medication that satisfies urgent medical needs.