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Game of Pleasure


For a safe and healthy sex life

Constant endeavor to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what Manforce have always been working and thriving on. With years of experience in manufacturing condoms, it's completely safe to say that every single Manforce condom is the outcome of a process that's tried and tested.

Our exciting range of condoms promises to take lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy.

Manforce is the largest selling condom brand in the country. So we are very well acquainted with the power of LOVE, along with its effects and side effects

In our own unique way, we appeal to all enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex, always. And to make your sexual experience more scintillating, we offer 16 arousing variants that help elevate pleasure with protection.


Mankind Pharma Limited is among the top 4 leading pharmaceutical companies in the country and constantly strives to be the best.

50K Millions turnover
22 Countries we operate
14K Employees

The company provides products that range from prescriptions medicines to OTC and FMCG products. The business model aligned to ‘making quality medicines affordabtle to all’ differentiates Mankind Pharma Ltd substantially from other companies.

With an existing employee base of more than 14,000 people and heading towards a turnover of INR 50,000 Million, the company aspire to aid the community in leading a healthy life through: formulating, developing, commercializing, and delivering affordable & accessible medicines that satisfies urgent medical needs.